Aussie Broadband TVC

Aussie Broadband animated TVC to coincide with live action commercials. Informs audiences of the coming changes to broadband and their positioning. Designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Designed and animated for Filmtime.

Comedy Channel Ident

Created during our Bachelor’s 3rd year by Tom Brunsdon, Katrina Stroude, Cam Peirce and Remzia Osmanicskilerini for the Comedy Channel and went to air mid 2009.

InPlace Network

Tiny Me Bus Campaign

Tiny Me ad campaign created to target young parents, offering free shiping. Aired on buses around Melbourne. Animated in Adobe After Effects.

McClelland College

Created for In Transit Media. Word Count = 23 Number of Slides = 6

The DisConnect Challenge

Motion graphic video created to promote the DisConnect Challenge. In collaboration with Filmtime.

Learning Dimensions Network

In collaboration with Filmtime.

Monash Peninsula Tertiary Week

Created for a bus marketing campaign.  

Rabbit’s Birthday – Whizkid Games

This 3d animation was designed as an introduction to “Rabbit’s Birthday” the game. Rabbit’s Birthday gives autistic children a better understanding of how schedules and the Picture Exchange Communication System can be used in real-world situations. The social script of

What is World Manager?

In collaboration with Filmtime.

Australian Facility Services

In collaboration with Filmtime.