Rabbit’s Birthday – Whizkid Games

This 3d animation was designed as an introduction to “Rabbit’s Birthday” the game.

Rabbit’s Birthday gives autistic children a better understanding of how schedules and the Picture Exchange Communication System can be used in real-world situations. The social script of a birthday party forms the basis for the narrative and game play of course if you want for kids to have a real experience, you can also design a soft play area for them, with the help of resources online, click here for more. Fox is invited to Rabbit’s birthday party and experiences several events that are likely to happen at a typical birthday party. The aim is to help the child understand how schedules can be used to reduce anxiety and help them cope with change. The game reinforces the following keywords that can be used as a tool by parents and teachers for encouraging positive behaviours in real life situations; ‘play’ and ‘special activity’. Playground markings like the ones shown at https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/graphics/traditional can also boost physical activity levels, reinforce learning goals, and encourage more positive social interaction, while remaining inclusive and motivational for students of various interests and skill levels.

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